Take Back Tuesday A collaborative action brought to you by GOOD Let's make voting day a holiday

The businesses below are joining with us to close up shop on Tuesday, November 6 and give their employees the opportunity to celebrate civic life and the democratic process.

Let's not squeeze voting into our regular work day. Together, let's Take Back Tuesday.

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Sorry we're closed and voting

Businesses taking back Tuesday

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  1. GOOD

    Los Angeles, CA
  2. Wearable Collections

    Brooklyn, NY
  3. Momentum Strategic Marketing

    Montgomery Village, MD
  4. State of Unique

    Los Angeles, CA
  5. Open

    New York, NY
  6. Cartridge World Phillipsburg

    Phillipsburg, NJ
  7. Multi Products Inc.

    Evansville, IN
  8. Channeling Media LLC

    New York, NY
  9. Hattery

    San Francisco, CA
  10. Blue Canary Design

    St. Louis, MO
  11. Human Condition

    Brooklyn, NY
  12. Katona Realty

  13. Made Movement

    Boulder, CO
  14. PaperCUTS Document Solutions of KY

    Louisville, KY
  15. The Workshop

    New York, NY
  16. One Percent Foundation

    San Francisco, CA
  17. m ss ng p eces

    Brooklyn, NY
  18. Farinella LLC

    Oakland, CA
  19. Really Really Big Industries

    Chicago, Il
  20. Little Things Labs

    Detroit, MI
  21. Kiss Me I'm Polish LLC

    New York , NY
  22. Third Plateau Social Impact Strategies

    San Francisco, CA

    New York, NY
  24. N.R. Stichler Photography

    Lebanon, Pa
  25. Student Peace Alliance

    Washington, DC
  26. Neiman

    Philadelphia, PA
  27. Isidore Electronics Recycling

    Los Angeles, CA
  28. Rock Scissor Paper

    San Fernando, CA
  29. Hawaii Center for AIDS/Clint Spencer Clinic

    Honolulu, HI
  30. ForkFly

    Portland, OR
  31. Another Studio

    Chicago, IL
  32. Green Circle Accounting

    Cooperstown, NY
  33. Austin Music People

    Austin, TX
  34. CMLB

    Washington, DC
  35. Verve Solutions

    Little Rock, AR
  36. Farm2Me

    New York, NY
  37. Kiva

    San Francisco, CA
  38. ReWork

    Boulder, CO
  39. holland archer

    Raleigh, Nc
  40. overprint inc.

    Brooklyn, NY
  41. Sport Science

    Fairfax, VA
  42. Cargo

    Los Angeles, CA
  43. Creable

    LA, CA
  44. Farm to Ladle

    Detroit , mi
  45. officina

    Brooklyn, NY
  46. Limelight Custom Sign Co.

    Mt. Pleasant, SC
  47. Karst inc

    North Charleston, Sc
  48. The Butler Bros

    Austin , TX
  49. COUCH Santa Barbara

    Santa Barbara, CA
  50. Joyfi

    Charleston, SC
  51. Urban Worm

    Berkeley, CA
  52. Project Repat

    Boston, MA
  53. Sons of Zeus

    Austin, TX
  54. Billeebug

    Nashville, TN
  55. Neighborland

    San Francisco, CA
  56. Regenesis Management Group

    Denver, CO
  57. Premier Grants LP

    Lebanon, PA
  58. Bread & Butter

    Reston, VA
  59. The Ocean Project

    Providence, RI
  60. Common Ground Consulting LLC

    Washington, DC
  61. Vianova

    San Diego, CA
  62. Dreamentia, Inc.

    Los Angeles, CA
  63. Break Away

    Atlanta, GA
  64. Archizona Architect inc.

    Fort Lauderdale, FL
  65. Billeebug LLC

    Nashville, TN
  66. Taproot Foundation

    San Francisco, CA
  67. Collaborative Fund

    Brooklyn, NY
  68. Candlelight Agency

    La Jolla, CA